Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friesians keeping cool

Well we have managed to survive the heat with swims in the dam, lots of puppy bathing and playing in front of the air conditioner. The horses have been swimming in the dam most days, I'll post some photos of them playing. We have been night riding twice in the last week, absolutely beautiful particularly if the moon is out. The garden hasn't fared so well, rather crispy in fact!
We only have 2 pups left to sell, and most will be gone in a few days, it won't be quite the same around here without them. Our pups are jetsetters with 1 in Tasmania,1 in Adelaide, Avoca, Melbourne, Werribee, Geelong and somewhere in Qld.
Peter shod Saor for the first time last week, he was perfect ( of course ), Saor not Peter! We haven't had shoes on him prior to now as his feet are great and has never had a problem no
matter where we ride. However shoes must be worn for the Keuring, so he had to have some on!
The Keuring is a Dutch judging of the friesian horse, it will be held in Tatura in April.
Time to go and feed puppies, so bye for now, Sharon.