Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friesians keeping cool

Well we have managed to survive the heat with swims in the dam, lots of puppy bathing and playing in front of the air conditioner. The horses have been swimming in the dam most days, I'll post some photos of them playing. We have been night riding twice in the last week, absolutely beautiful particularly if the moon is out. The garden hasn't fared so well, rather crispy in fact!
We only have 2 pups left to sell, and most will be gone in a few days, it won't be quite the same around here without them. Our pups are jetsetters with 1 in Tasmania,1 in Adelaide, Avoca, Melbourne, Werribee, Geelong and somewhere in Qld.
Peter shod Saor for the first time last week, he was perfect ( of course ), Saor not Peter! We haven't had shoes on him prior to now as his feet are great and has never had a problem no
matter where we ride. However shoes must be worn for the Keuring, so he had to have some on!
The Keuring is a Dutch judging of the friesian horse, it will be held in Tatura in April.
Time to go and feed puppies, so bye for now, Sharon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Growing groodles!

Well, the groodle puppies are growing so quickly, and I'm losing so much time out of each day playing with them. They're 5 weeks old now and just adorable.
5 have been sold so far, and getting quite a few enquiries, which is great.
Raine is getting a bit over the whole motherhood thing, and her teats are starting to look a bit overworked! Lucky the puppies are onto solids now.

I've been riding Saor our stallion out night riding twice this week - it's lovely riding at night under the stars, so peaceful and quiet. He's such a good boy, especially since he's only young and eveything is so new for him.

Getting out into the garden doing some trimming, though it's all looking a bit wilted at the moment - I'll put some pictures of the garden (looking good) on the blog next week.

Bye! Sharon

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Raine's Groodle Puppies!

We are so excited to share with everyone our newest edition to the family.
Raine’s beautiful puppies … all 10 little fluffy balls. She had 5 girls & 5 boys. She is an extremely happy & wonderful mum. This is Raine’s second litter; dad is Kia a Golden Retriever. The puppies are only 4 weeks old, and as much as we’d love to keep them all it’s just not possible. So these beautiful little puppies are for sale to good homes and ready to pick up in early February. Don’t hesitate to email us if you would like to know more or see more pics … we have plenty!

Below is a little sneak peak and one of the beautiful little boys … we’ll add more images later in the week.

Until next time,
Sharon & Peter

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to our new blog!
We hope this will space will become a great place to quickly and conveniently fill everyone in on events, news and showcase our majestic Friesian horses.

Until next time…
Sharon & Peter. xx